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Friday, December 9, 2011


Hello!  We have been having lots of fun learning about penguins!  It all started when I began reading aloud the book, Mr. Popper's Penguins.  (The book is very different from the movie!)  The book is a fictional account of a man who receives a penguin from the South Pole and goes on to have many adventures. 
The students were so excited about the book that I decided some nonfiction learning was in order.  We read nonfiction books about penguins and made a HUGE list (5 chart papers) of facts about penguins.  The students each chose one fact about penguins to write out and display in the hall.  We also made a penguin craft to display. We enjoyed penguin jokes and I will be sharing penguin poems with the students soon.  It is so fun to see the students enjoying learning!!
In math, we are using base ten pieces to learn about larger numbers.  We are learning how to write in base ten shorthand to show a number.  Ask your child to show you a number with base ten shorthand!
Before winter break we will be having our party and winter read-a-thon.  More information will be sent home about the read-a-thon next week.  We are also going to make a snowy craft that requires LOTS of scotch tape.  If you are able to send in a roll of tape, that would be great.  It can be one that you've already used part of...anything will help:)  Thank you!!

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