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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Chance to Donate

Here are two chances to donate to our classroom!  
So many of you already help out, but I thought I'd share two projects I'm working on in case you or a grandparent or a friend is looking for a great project to help fund:)
Do you have any personal CD players that you don't use?  You know those listening devices we used back before the days of the ipod and iphone?  We can use them at school.  They become a mini listening center!
Here are some friends of mine from last year.  They are reading to each other with books from our classroom library.  Currently I have a project up on to get more "boy" books into our classroom.  You can click on the link above or the button on the side of my blog to read more about it.  Every little bit helps! Some companies even offer matching gifts.
Thanks for ALL you already do:) 

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