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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Leaders are Readers Day was a great success in our classroom!  Thanks so much to Mr. Dave, Mrs. Prims, Mr. Fadlovich, Mrs. Hubbartt, Mr. Urbaitis, and Mr. Wheeler!  All of our readers did an awesome job sharing interesting books with the class.

We are reading and writing poems in class.  Each student will have a set of poems to show you at Open House.  The students are really enjoying this unit and are very successful at writing the poems.

In math we finished our subtraction unit.  We will continue to practice addition and subtraction through the rest of the year.  This would also be a great idea for home practice!  Just write a few problems down for your child to solve.  I would suggest practicing throughout the summer so that your child is ready (and remembering!) for next year.

We planted seeds on April 1st. Ask your child what we planted and where the plants will be going.  We are also learning about plants and will continue through the next few weeks.

Our school is holding a recess equipment fundraiser at Domino's.  Our day is Monday.  When you call to order a pizza, please give them my name.  The class with the most orders will win a pizza party:)

We are going strong in the fourth quarter!!  There is still lots of learning to be done!!  It will be a great time!

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