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Monday, February 20, 2012


We had an awesome time at our Math-a-Thon! In the morning students went through 7 centers all about different math concepts.  The center above was our money center.  Students had to find different ways to make the same money value.
This was our pattern block center.  We worked to find different ways to fill the same shape.
We completed a 100 piece puzzle.
We played a game called Tantrix.  We also worked with pentominoes.
We played a game called "Head Full of Numbers."  In this game we worked to find different math equations from a set of 6 numbers.
We played Smath.  This game is a lot like scrabble.  You make math equations instead of words!
In the afternoon, Mrs. Young taught us a great lesson about geoblocks.  We worked together in teams to sort and solve problems.
We had an amazing day!  Thank you to all the families who sent in a donation to help me buy games for our Math-a-Thon.  (We will also use these later in the year.)  Thank you also to Mrs. Moriarty and Mrs. Vrabel for their terrific help during our morning centers.  Many thanks also to Mrs. Young who taught us an awesome lesson in the afternoon.!

The oral language reports on a president are this Friday.  Last Friday we spent time looking at two websites that can help the students get information.  I sent the materials home in your child's folder.

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